At Be Smarts, we are known for our extremely high level of care. 

All teachers are sent for training in CPR and First Aid course. We conduct regular in house training to ensure the best possible care and professional conduct. Our environment is remarkably clean and hygienic, and it is no wonder the sick rate, transmission rate at Trinity Kids are infamously low. Most parents, alumni or who have experienced other schools, will appreciate how Trinity Kids is open, pro-active in managing its health policy. Be Smarts has a near-perfect track record of zero-tranmission, non-involuntary-closure by MOH due to HFMD, thanks to the cooperation from like-minded parents.

As an one-stop solution for busy but involved parents, we offer a variety of programs and

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and their options. This modular approach provides parents the flexibility to build the package that meets your child’s and your family’s needs.

Daycare extension options are from 12 pm to:

A) 2 pm, includes lunch or

B) 6.30 pm, includes lunch and afternoon snacks.

There are a wide range of optional classes in the afternoon, such as: Ballet, Football, Robotics/Coding, San Yu Chinese School, Gymnastics, Speech & Drama, Music and many more. These programs are either provided by carefully curated service providers or our in-house programs.

The advantages of enrolling your child in the school’s after-school programs are:

– Third party supervision of quality of service provided by third-party merchants, tracking of replacement class and calendar

– Centralised invoicing

– Frees up time for interactive parents & child bonding time over weekend

Please note that the Enrichment programs are prioritised and limited to existing Trinity Kids students.